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Latest Apache Maven Course!

Latest Apache Maven Course!

Get the Latest Apache Maven Course now, click here!

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Latest Java Spring Tutorials!

Latest Java Spring Tutorials Part: 2

Get the Spring Tutorials – Part: 2 now, click here!

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I often get e-mails from users asking me how to change the grey box they see next to their name on forums, discussion groups, blog comments etc. (The ‘mystery man’ gravatar)

Traditionally this question was answered by uploading a proposed ‘avatar’ picture to the site in question. This has several short comings especially with the explosion of social networking and blogging. Uploading the same picture over and over becomes a pain, not to mention when changing it! Ouch! And because most times blog comments don’t require registration, how are users recognised?

‘Enter the Gravatar…’

the mystical beast of the web…Not really, in fact it’s pretty cool!

So, what is a Gravatar?

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the Den of Programming where knowledge is shared.

Discover amazing Free tutorials, Courses and Blog on Java, Scala, Spring v4, NoSQL

Welcome to the Den of Programming!

At ‘the Den’ Knowledge Sharing is the main goal and that’s why I believe self-paced learning is the way forward.

There’re many excellent programming books on the market. They make for a great reference but this only provides one of the three aspects to learning,  the ‘what you see’, they are not so great for self-paced learning.

Knowledge Sharing needs to bring together the three aspects of learning;

  1. what you see
  2. what you hear
  3. what you do

At ‘the Den’ I want you to get the knowledge you’re looking for quickly and with the least amount of effort possible.

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