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Spring Tutorial – Spring MVC Maven Archetype

Spring Tutorial – Spring MVC Maven Archetype

Spring Tutorial – Spring MVC Maven Archetype

While chatting with students, I’ve discovered that some of the sticking points about using the Spring framework are;

1) Where do I find all the compatible dependencies for the version of Spring I’m using?

2) I’m looking to use Spring JavaConfig in my Spring Web App but how, where do I start?

3) What does the project structure look like for a Web application, where do all the parts go?

4) I here that the web.xml file is not needed anymore, is that true ?

5) How does Spring work with Apache Maven ?

6) What is the folder structure like for a Spring MVC project, using Maven?

… and many others.

I’ve created an New Apache Maven Archetype for Spring MVC 4 Web Application and it should go someway to answering these questions!

Enroll here and turbo charge your Spring MVC 4 development for Free!

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